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Global Day of Design!

Interested in having your students dive into using a design process and design thinking in the classroom but not sure where to start?

Why not have your students participate in the Global Day of Design?

The Global Day of Design is a worldwide 24 hour event hosted by John Spencer and AJ Juliani which takes place on May 4th which provides an opportunity for students to tinker, make and create.

On the Global Day of Design Website  you can find a variety of projects to choose from to have your students complete and they range in time from 20 minutes up to 5 hours so there is literally something for every need. The project list will be updated weekly leading up to the Global Day of Design.

Here is a short video introducing you to the Global Day of Design:

John Spencer and AJ Juliani also have some great books on innovation and empowering learners in the classroom. You can find them here:

I will have my Grade 11 Communications Technology class participate in the Global Day of Design. Will you participate as well? Let me know in the comments below!