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Passion Projects: Takeaways

It is hard to believe the end of term is here! The past few weeks have been a blur of a flurry of actions as students rushed to complete their passion projects. Students produced a wide range of products which demonstrated their understanding of Communication Technology principles as well as showcased their passions.

Here are a few examples of student passion project solutions:

One student decided to focus on the issue of teen suicide in Hong Kong and create an awareness video of the issue:

Another student who is passionate about fashion and environmental issues decided he wanted to develop a sustainable fashion brand. Here is some of his process work:


Another student who loves social media researched discrepancies in social media use for her passion project. She decided to create a video series teaching individuals with limited exposure to the internet how to use social media tools such as YouTube:

What Went Well:

Students really enjoyed the opportunity to explore something they were passionate about. It resulted in a higher level of engagement in the learning process. By incorporating student interests and passions, this also strengthened myrelationships with my students. My students felt valued and welcomed the opportunity to have a voice in the learning process.

What Could Be Improved:

One of the biggest challenges I faced with this project was student procrastination. Though I had incorporated soft deadlines & student created schedules along with regular conferences students struggled with adhering to schedules. The problem with "soft" deadlines is that students have no real on-going accountability. In future, I will definitely break the project up into smaller components by implementing strict deadlines for each step of the design process.

Overall, I and my students really enjoyed our foray into passion projects. I will definitely continue to experiment with passion-based learning in the classroom and would eventually love to have the opportunity to frame an entire semester around a student's individual innovation project.


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