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Passion Projects in The Classroom Week 2

For this week of our Passion Project,  students had to submit a proposal which outlined what their passion is, what real-world challenge do they plan to solve utilizing their passion, as well as how they plan to utilize Communications Technology to display their proposed solution.

Though their project must fulfil a real-world need, the need could range from something somewhat simple such as teaching a skill - to raise awareness of or attempting to find a solution for a large scale social problem.

As both peer (and my) feedback are integral components to a large scale project such as this, I had students create their own named folder in a shared Google Drive folder in which they placed their proposal in the form of a Google Doc, and from there I provided feedback in the form of comments on each proposal.

I also required students to provide feedback on the proposals of three other students.

Here are some exemplars of student proposals I received: 


As you can see, student ideas for their passion projects were quite diverse in nature.

From there, the students will continue to utilize the steps of the Engineering Design Process to research and develop solutions. As a next step, students were asked to include a resource folder in their Passion Project Planning Folder in which they, I, and their peers can update their folders with relevant resources. This way students all take an active part in the curation of not just their own but others' resources.

Stay tuned next week for upcoming adventures in student passion project planning!

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Do you have any experiences with incorporating passion projects in the classroom? Any tips or suggestions for success? Please comment below!