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Global Day of Design 2018!

Last Friday, I had my students participate in the Global Day of Design. The Global day of design is a worldwide event in which students participate in hands-on learning activities.

For more information about this day and associated resources read my blog post here.

As I only had a limited amount of class time to spare for this activity, I opted to choose the design challenge of having my students create their own Flappy Bird Game:

I set my Google timer to 20 minutes and gave students 20 minutes to create their games and then 20 minutes to share and play the games of others.

The result? 100% engagement for the duration of this activity! You can find the links to my student's games here.

You can find exemplars of other projects completed around the world by searching on Twitter with the hashtag #GDD18

Did your students participate in the Global Day of Design? Please comment below! :)