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Adventures in Podcasting: How to Get Started, Software, and Sharing

If you have yet to hear the friend and colleague James and I started a podcast called Teachin It Real! Our podcast episodes are under 15 minutes in length, are release every Monday evening (Hong Kong Time!)  and focus on discussing semi-controversial issues in education.


You can find the Teachin It Real podcast on Sound Cloud or ITunes or alternatively play directly on Cultivating Curious Minds.

Today on the blog I want to share what I have learned thus far about starting a podcast as well as share some tips and resources for getting started with your own podcasting project!

Three things I've learned about podcasting:

1. Be Authentic

We actually initially started our podcast under a different name and theme within the realm of education...then didn't feel like us. We found we were not excited to record upcoming episodes and were procrastinating. Therefore, we decided to chalk it up as a learning experience and scrape the episode and rebrand to Teachin It Real. Whatever you create should feel authentic and should serve a purpose-therefore be true to yourself and what is important to you.

2. Bank & Record Before Release!

As with any project with longevity, consistency is key. It is hard to maintain longterm projects at times as life inevitably gets in the way. However, we have found recording a bank of episodes prior to releasing them has helped maintain consistency and gives you a saving grace in the event you have a busy week with family, life or work.

3. Don't Worry About Making Mistakes!

It feels vulnerable to have your thoughts, views and expressions recorded live. Furthermore, having a type A personality leaves me with a desire to project perfection (despite the rational part of me focusing on Growth Mindset)  However, I've found overthinking is a killer for me and makes me feel uncomfortable and this is projected as stiffness in the recording. When I relax, think about what I want to say about a respective topic the episode definitely flows better. Knowing you ARE going to mess up at times, you won't always come across as intelligent or thought-provoking as you had hoped is part of the learning and growing process!

What you need to start a podcast:

1. A Good Mic & Pop Filter

For a podcast episode, good audio quality is key. Furthermore,  a bi-directional mic is best...what this means is the sound recording comes from both sides. Additionally you might want to get a pop screen: this is a noise filter that is particularly useful when recording people speaking. This is used to reduced the "popping" sound caused by fast moving air on a metallic surface.

We use this mic by AVerMedia to record our podcast:                  An alternative is this Blue Yeti Mic:  

Here is a good quality pop screen:

2. Audio Editing Software

We are both Mac users so we choose to use Garage Band. An alternative for PC (or MAC users) is Audacity.

3. A Theme Song

And COPYRIGHT FREE music is important! We found our theme song on Bensound. Bensound has a variety of copy-right free music to choose from 

4. Cover Art

You can create your own cover art using a graphic design software such as Canva. Alternatively, you can go to a website such as Fiverr to have a custom design created for you at a reasonable price. We opted to use Fiverr for our podcast!

5. A Platform

As mentioned above, we host our podcast on both Soundcloud and ITunes. You can find our podcast via any podcast app. We are trying to build a community with our podcast so we have been posting a weekly Twitter slow chat with the hashtag #teachinitreal to each associated episode. Be sure to check us out on Twitter and join in on the chat!

If you listen, please remember to subscribe, like us and give us a review to help us grow! Also, if you have any ideas for episodes you would like to hear about or would like to join us in an interview please comment below or email me at marisahoskins@cultivatingcurious!