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Where to Find Copyright Free Music and Sound Effects

I often get complaints from students that copyright free music, videos and pictures are  "boring".

As a teacher that advocates for creativity and curiosity, I struggle with feelings of stifling my students creative genius while still instilling in them an understanding of plagiarism and preparing them for the real world- in which should they choose to be creators of videos, websites, magazines or podcasts (to name a few) they need to be prepared to utilized copyright free media in their digital pieces.

As a result, this has led me down a search to find copyright-free material that is interesting and engaging to my students. Here are the top websites that have been met with student approval for copyright free media:


Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 4.41.47 PM.png

Bensound has a variety of copyright free music to choose from. In fact,  the theme song for our Podcast Teachin' It Real comes from Bensound!



Soundcloud also has a variety of student approved royalty free music to download. You can use the Google Chrome Extension Sound Cloud Downloader to add a download button to any Soundcloud track!


Pictures & Video


For beautiful copyright free images and stock footage. Pexels is the go to for myself and my students. Many of the header images I use on my blog come from Pexels and my students often use Pexels copyright free stock footage in video projects.

Which websites do you and your students like to use for copyright free media? Please comment below!