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Passion Project-Schedules, Schedules, Schedules!

As the end of the term is looming closer, students are finishing up the remainder of their coursework and will be focusing solely on their Passion Projects for the remainder of classes. For the background on my student's Passion Projects click here.

As we have three weeks for students to complete their projects, scheduling and time management is of the utmost importance. As a result, the next step in the Passion Project process is creating a schedule.



Learning scheduling and time management skills are essential for life success.

Do you teach your students how to schedule? Or assume prior knowledge?

Each student must submit a schedule which breaks down the remainder of the tasks they must complete and their goals to accomplish for each of the remaining class days. This ensures students are focused and are learning to self-regulate and prioritize tasks. I start by providing students with exemplar schedules and setting SMART goals. For example, "working on my e-portfolio" is not an acceptable schedule entry, instead students must include clear actionable tasks for each day such as "Build each page on my web portfolio with clear headings and navigation" or "develop three potential solutions to explore for my passion project"

I generally ask students to create their schedule in a Google Doc so they can share it with me in order for me to help monitor their progress. Alternatively, you can teach students about project management software such as Asana or Basecamp which are considered industry standards for project management.

By having students create their own schedules for a given project, this provides them with opportunities for ownership, responsibility and growth. Students will reflect on their success in following their schedule in their e-portfolio and I will help them develop strategies for improvement. This will (hopefully) help them with the successful completion of their Passion Project.

What strategies have you implemented to help students create and follow schedules? Please comment below!

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