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A Day At The Dog Park and 100% Student Engagement

If you have not already gathered from my blog, I am a huge proponent of fostering curiosity and incorporating student passions in the classroom.

Objectively though-how cute are they?!

Objectively though-how cute are they?!

One of the ways I feel we can do this is by sharing your own interests and passions with the students and incorporating them into the classroom.

I put these into practice by incorporating my love for my dogs into my Grade 11 Communication TGJ3M (Ontario Curriculum) class.

We are currently working on an Audio-Visual Communication Unit, and students have been learning things such as the Video Production Process, camera angles and shots, video editing, and audio for film.

In order to help my students practice their script-writing, video-editing, and audio skills, I took raw footage of my two dogs playing at the dog park with other dogs, and tasked my students to write a script for, voice dub and edit the footage.

My students absolutely loved this activity and it was a great way of sharing a little bit of me with them while building upon the skills they have been learning in class.

Here are their takes on "A Day At The Dog Park":

If you are interested in using this project idea in your classroom I would be happy to share the raw footage. Please email me at

How have you incorporated your interests or your student interests into the classroom? Please comment below!