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Using Google Tour Builder!

Have you heard about this fantastic feature called Google Tour Builder? If not, you are missing out!

What is Google Tour Builder?

Google Tour Builder is a tool which allows you to create tours in conjunction with Google Earth and Google Maps. Google Tour Builder allows you place navigation points on a map and add in text, video, and pictures to supplement your tour.

In addition, Google Tour Builder has a built-in library of pre-made tours that you can choose from.

Check out my video on how to create a tour using Google Tour Builder here:

Ideas for Using Google Tour Builder in The Classroom:

  • Use Google Tour Builder to take your students on a virtual field trip

  • Have students create multimedia biographies

  • Have students map character journeys or author biographies

  • Have students create fictional journeys

Have you used Google Tour Builder in the classroom? What activities did you use it for? Please comment below!