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Three Activities to End The School Year on a High Note!

It's that time again! The end of the year is almost upon us!

Anndddd...we are starting to feel a little drained as are our students:

However, though we are a little exhausted and potentially frustrated, we can still end the year on a high note!

Here are a few classroom activity ideas that you can incorporate into your classroom to increase student engagement and enjoyment:


1. Try a Google Expedition

Google Expeditions is a VR teaching tool that allows you to take your students on a virtual fieldtrip. Google Expeditions has an extensive library of virtual reality tours that allow you to lead a tour for your students. For more info on getting started with using Google Expeditions in the classroom click here.

2. Try a Design Challenge!

Design challenges provide students with an opportunity to work through a series of steps or design process to solve a problem. Design challenges are a great way to foster collaboration, problem-solving skills and student engagement. When students are starting to seem a bit disengaged try breaking up your lesson with a one of these 20 Minute Design Challenges or have students create their own Flappy Bird Game.

3. Incorporate 20% Time!

20% time is a concept developed by Google in their workplace that allows their staff to spend 20% of their time pursuing a passion of their choice culminating in a showcase of their learning. With a month left of school, it is still not too late to incorporate 20% time in the classroom. Check out these resources to get started!

Check out this video to see how two Google employees are using their 20% time: 





Do you have any great ideas to share on activities to end the year on a high note? Please comment below!