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Are You Really Showing Up?

I read on George Couros’s blog recently about the value of time. Time is the most valuable thing you can provide to someone as you never get back the investment.

I could not agree more and also jealously guard my time for things that are important to me such as spending time with my husband and dogs, going to the gym and cooking healthy meals.

But this idea of time as a precious commodity left me pondering-how often are we really showing up?

Areyoureallyshowingup (2).jpg

In her book Daring Greatly, Brene Brown discusses the importance of engagement in connection to parenting. She discusses how it is much easier to be disengaged and takes mindful practice to be fully engaged and by taking on this challenge we can achieve higher levers of connectedness and whole-heartedness.

The concept of engagement can be applied to any area of your life but particularly resonates in the field of education. I would venture to say we have all been guilty at one point or another of not truly showing up-our minds lost elsewhere on our families, responsibilities or dreams.

What difference would it make if we all took a consistent effort to not just put in time but actually show up? Whether you are a leader engaged in conversation with your staff and fully listening and taking efforts to fully understand the other’s point of view in lieu of jumping to conclusions or attempting to find a solution?

What if as teachers we fully focus on understanding our students and their needs and wants? How can this improve our connection to our students and our teaching practice as a whole?

Being fully present is not an easy venture. Our minds are constantly being pulled in a million different directions. But through mindful practice and intention, truly showing up can foster deeper connection, meaning and understanding among ourselves and others.

Do you have any tips and techniques to practice mindfulness and being fully present? Please share in the comments below!