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Four Chrome Extensions To Increase Productivity!

One of my biggest life struggles is staying focused in the age of distraction. As a self-professed lover of learning, I am subject to a constant feeling of overwhelm!

As we begin the new semester (for those of us on the semester system) it is a great time to help ourselves and our students refocus and reorganize. Google Chrome Extensions can serve as extremely helpful tools to increase organization and productivity for yourself and your students. 

Here are four chrome extensions I find particularly helpful to stay organized and on task!:



Todoist is a to do list chrome extension that also comes in app form. One of the features I like best about Todoist is it allows you to sync the app with        your  Chrome Extension so you have access to your To Do List at any given time.


Save To Google Keep

Have you used Google Keep yet?! If not you are missing out! (Unless you use Evernote-then it is a topic for debate). Google      Keep is an organizational platform that resembles a sticky note board that works in conjunction with your Google account. It    allows you to create labels, colour code and share different notes (I will write a post soon outlining all of the awesome features). The Save To Google Keep extension allows you to directly save anything you might want to remember or explore later  such as a website or quote. This extension is fantastic for saving things on the go!



Having trouble staying on task and instead wandering over to facebook to tag, like or comment? Well then-StayFocusd might be for you! The StayFocused Chrome extension allows you to set timers for how long you are on certain websites and then block them after the allotted time. In addition you can choose particular times of the day to switch websites off. This is a personal favourite of mine to share with students to avoid distractions while attempting to complete their work.


Be Limitless

Be Limitless allows you to track your time to stay focused on your goals. Some of the useful productivity features include providing you with a report on how much time you are spending on each website in the form of daily, weekly and monthly reports,  full control over which websites you deem to be a productive use of your time, and access to your frequently visited sites. 

For more info in Google Chrome Extensions check out the following resources:


Which chrome extensions or tools do you find help you or your students increase your productivity? Please comment below! :)