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Whats New in Google Classroom!

Google For Education has become an integral part of many schools. Google for Education products can help us stay organized throughout the school year, provide opportunities for learning to extend beyond the classroom as well as provide opportunities for us to share and collaborate.

Google products are constantly changing and improving based on user feedback and, as a result, it can be difficult to keep track of all the new features. I will be starting a weekly blog series featuring any new updates for a Google for Education tools as well as any useful features you may be unfamiliar with.

Today we will explore some new features in Google Classroom:

1. You can now create drafts of posts or schedule them to be posted at a later date:

  • Under "Assignment" select assign, schedule or save draft


2. You can now view work by student. Check out my Youtube video on  for information on how to do this:


3. Teachers can now reorder their classes (see info for how to do this here

4. On the mobile version of Google classroom teachers and students have the option to write notes on their work (for more information on this feature see this post here.

5. You can now add Google Drive materials you do not have permission to share

6. You can import Google Form Quiz grades. Check out the following video on how to do this:


7. You can transfer ownership of your Google classroom to another teacher:

  • Under the "About" Page" in the left hand side, click the three dots in the right-hand corner of the image of secondary teacher 

8. You can now ask questions in multiple-choice form as well as provide students with the option to respond to each other.



I hope you found this post useful. Are there any Google tools you are interested in learning more about? Please comment below :)