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Education Trends to Watch for 2018!

Happy New Years!

New years is an exciting time as it is can be a period of growth and change, and allows us to reflect as well as look forward to what the future will bring. The realm of education is one that is constantly shifting and changing and 2018 will be no exception.

Here are a few education trends to watch in 2018:

Online Professional Professional Development:

With technology advancing at an accelerated rate, the need for teachers trained in these new tools is also growing. Professional development needs to be unlimited by time or space to address issues of scalability in teacher professional development. That is where online platforms such as Twitter and YouTube come in handy for teachers! These platforms provide opportunities for educators to learn, connect and collaborate anytime and anywhere.

I recently started a YouTube Channel as a professional development tool for teachers.You can check it out here! (If you have any feedback on my channel or if there are any tools you would like me to create Youtube videos on please let me know in the comments below! I really appreciate and value your feedback!)

AR and VR  in the Classroom:

Augmented reality superimposes computer generated images on real world views. Virtual reality, in contrast, immerses participants in a 3D simulated environment. AR and VR have the opportunity to transform educational experiences for students. Instead of just learning about geography students can travel and explore the streets of countries and cities. In lieu of just learning about WWII from a history book, students can explore 3D perspectives of the trenches.

Check out my list of AR Resources for use in the classroom to get you started here:


Gamification is the application of design elements and game principles to non game contexts. Teachers can gamify assignments, or units, by incorporating elements such as point systems, badges, levels and rewards. Gamification can also be incorporated into the classroom using digital platforms such as Classcraft For more detail on Gamification and how it can be incorporated into a PE classroom check out my post here.

Passion Based Learning:

As education shifts toward a more personalized perspective on education, educators should be focusing on the individual strengths of their students in lieu of their weaknesses.  Passion based learning focuses on utilizing a students passions to help them learn. 

For ideas on getting started on using Passion Based Learning in the classroom check out this article:

Do you plan on utilizing any of these education trends in the near future? Are there any you would like to learn more about? Please let me know in the comment section below!