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Getting Started with The New Google Sites!

What are Google Sites?:

Google Sites is website creator program that is connected to the G Suite Apps. It is free and easy to use without the need for any coding experience. Google Sites has site builder features that facilitate designing your site in the manner you choose. Furthermore, Google Sites easily integrates with additional G Suite for Education Apps and allows you to directly embed calendars, videos, and documents to name a few.

Google Sites is particularly suitable for e-portfolios as it is connected to a student's gmail account and easily integrates with Google Drive and other G Suite for Education apps. Furthermore, it provides a simple introduction to web design due to its intuitive nature and lack of need for HTML knowledge to produce working websites.

The following document is a step by step guide I have created for on getting started with Google Sites. This could be used as a professional development tool for teachers or for use directly in the classroom.

Have you used Google Sites in your classroom? Reply with how in the comments below! :)