Artifact 5th-October 18th

FlipGrid! Giving Students the Power of Self-Expression!

Our school recently started a pilot project using FlipGrid. This program is an online video discussion platform in which teachers can create grids which encompass topics to spark discussion to which students respond using video format in a response time set by the teacher (15 seconds - 5 minutes). Sticky notes can also be attached to videos to allow for written response, and additionally, students can personalize their videos using drawings and stickers.

This program can help build student's communication skills and provides all students with a voice. Furthermore, student personalities can shine through in ways that may not be possible in in person and in class discussion.

Some of the uses for FlipGrid in the classroom include:

  • Digital reading response

  • End of year classroom discussion

  • Advice to next year’s class

  • Debate

  • Show what you know

  • Lesson or unit reflection

  • Book talk challenge

  • Exit tickets

  • Explaining math problem reasoning

  • Brainstorming engineering design process

Here is a video i've created to help you get started with using FlipGrid. Hope you enjoy!



Flipgrid is an online platform that is laid out in a clear and easy to follow manner making it easy and suitable to navigate for beginners. Flipgrid is an effective communication tool as it provides all students with opportunities to have a voice and let their personalities shine through.